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with texas prior to the 2004 season, as cano bounces one foul back behind first, you and i talked about this last week during a telecast from san francisco, a-rod to the yankees. soriano to the texas rangers. now, the yankees provided texas with a list of five other players. rangers were able to choose one of the five. cano was actually on that list. but texas went with joaquin arias to be -- >> tim: you have a lot of decisions to make as a general manager. we talked about ben cherington and cash man. sometimes they're wrong. that was -- everybody knows now, the wrong decision. you also look at how the course of baseball history would have changed had aaron beau not played basketball during the off season. >> tim: isn't that the truth. has a knee problem. cano became a more paramount interest to the yankees. where is cano going to play next year, the dodgers? they're the new yankees. >> tim: became a red sox in 2004. >> kenny: broken bat. ground out to pedroia. we head upstairs to ken. >> ken: at this point, still late in the season, guys. it certainly lacks like robinson cano will hit
okmin visit with a special defender from east texas. >> j.j. watt, 20 and a half sacks. i'm curious what you think is more impressive from your defensive player of the year. >> the quarterbacks are so mobile i would say the sacks. i think the run plays are harder than anything. those are what i'm proud of. >> people say you are redefining the position. we are see ing things a defensive lineman shouldn't be able to do. what are you doing? >> just playing hard. you have seen it before. people told me when i first got here the end zone makes plays. you create new standards and set new heights there is no limit to what you can do. i'm always setting new goals. >> i know you will hate that i do this. one thing that's harder to do than lining up against j.j. watt is getting you to talk about the wonderful things you do. you do a lot. that included a deadly fire in texas a few monthsing ago. four firefighters were killed. about 14 more injured. i know you did amazing things for survivors and families. can you tell me about it? >> you know, my dad is a firefighter. my uncle is a firefighter. it
in the english premier league dempsey didn't just survive, he thrived. but earlier this month the texas native decided to return home. tonight he makes his debut for his brand-new club the seattle sounders. here's jeff glor. >> reporter: the announcement stunned the world of soccer. >> i was already starting to get the inch, to be honest with you. i wanted to come back to the states. >> reporter: with a four year deal worth more than $30 million clint dempsey, the most successful american in european club history suddenly became major league soccer's biggest acquisition since david bechham went to los angeles in 2007. >> for me to be honest with you, i thought i was going to be over there two more years. but the opportunity came and seattle sound has really moved mountains to get me back to the states. >> start believing as clint dempsey makes his entrance. >> reporter: already captain of the u.s. national soccer team told us he wanted his three kids to grow stateside where he believes the game has taken a huge leap forward. it's especially in the pacific northwest where seattle sounders socce
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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